Residential Garden Design in Malibun

There’s no better accessory to a beautiful property than a gorgeous garden. And with Arborvitae Landscapes’s garden design services, you can finally have the stunning garden you deserve. We’re a fully licensed and trained team of landscaping contractors with a speciality in garden design. We have the tools, experience, and talent to give you the garden you’ve always dreamed of. Get your watering can ready, because you’re about to experience our own version of flower power.

Arborvitae Landscapes’s Professional Garden Planning Services

Our garden designers are ready to give you a garden that matches your personality. No matter what you have in mind, we’ll work with you to give you a uniquely beautiful garden that matches your individuality. What’s your garden type?

  • Wild and exotic: If this is your garden, you’re probably also a stylish dresser. Your garden will come to life with wild orchids and tiger lilies.
  • Romantic and sweet: Every day is Valentine's Day with a softie like you. Roses, violets, and pastel hues will turn your garden into a real-life romance novel.
  • Practical and pretty: You’re not the high-maintenance type, and neither is your garden. Daffodils, petunias, and daisies will make your garden look great without all the fuss.
  • Happy and cheerful: People describe you as “human sunshine”. Bright, colorful blooms like tulips and sunflowers will give you a garden just as sunny as your disposition.
  • Calm and cool: One word for you? Zen. Your garden will become a backyard oasis with calming plants like jasmine, lilies, and evocative garden architecture.

You could even be a mix of any of these types. Whatever your personal taste, we’ll find a way to incorporate your vision and blend all your favourite elements together. We’ll use our skills, creativity and talent to create a garden that’s totally you. You’ll see why homeowners trust us for all their garden planning projects.

Malibu’s Best Backyard Design

We’re more than landscape contractors—we’re artists. At Arborvitae Landscapes, we only hire the best local contractors to give you the stunning garden you want. All of our hardworking staff members are fully trained and licensed in garden planning, and we have the experience to give you exactly what you want. It’s no wonder we’re one of the leading landscaping companies in Malibu. Our personalized service makes us stand out from the crowd. We’ll work with you to design the garden of your dreams and talk it over with you every step of the way. Browse our photo gallery for more ideas or get in touch with us.

Contact Us Today for the Best Garden Design

If you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re available to answer questions either by email or phone, and we’re always happy to hear your ideas and feedback. You’re also welcome to book a free in-person consultation so we can discuss your needs and garden planning ideas in-depth.

If you want the best landscaping company near you, you want Arborvitae Landscapes. We’ll give you the garden of your dreams.