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Arborvitae Landscapes Residential Landscaping Services

Frequently Asked Residential Landscaping Questions

What Kind of Landscaping Projects Do You Do?

We perform a wide variety of landscaping projects, including tree, lawn, and garden services, hardscaping, and maintenance. For an overview of all we do, check out all the services listed on our website.

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Is Arborvitae Landscapes Properly Insured for Residential Landscape Work?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured.

What Sets Arborvitae Landscapes Apart From Other Landscaping Companies?

We are proud to offer excellent work performed in a timely, efficient manner, as any landscaping company should. What really sets us apart is our work ethic and our commitment to customer service and personal relationships with our clients. We strive to maintain long-term relationships with all our clients. We see ourselves as more than just contractors—we’re also your neighbors.

Arborvitae Landscapes Residential Garden Design

Why Should I Work With a Landscape Designer?

A landscaping designer will work with you to take your landscaping dreams and make them a reality. He or she has the training, tools, and experience to apply your ideas in a practical way.

What Is Your Landscape Design Process?

Our design process is reflective of you and your personal needs. You’ll come to us with your ideas and preferences, and we’ll use our knowledge to execute them. We’ll set up a blueprint that incorporates your ideas and preferences. Our design process is fully tailored to you and your landscaping needs.

What Is Your Landscaping Process?

Our landscaping process, like our design process, is always performed with you in mind. Landscaping is usually performed by multiple contractors. We take the process very seriously and only hire the most skilled and trained landscapers. We’ll talk you through each step of the process to make sure you’re getting final approval.

Do You Offer Lawn Maintenance?

Yes. We believe garden and landscape maintenance is an essential service. We can keep your landscape looking great all year long with our maintenance services. To learn more, visit our aftercare maintenance page.

What Are Softscapes and Hardscapes?

Softscapes and hardscapes are both landscaping design elements. Softscapes refer to natural, soft, growing elements, like trees, flowers, plants, and soil. Hardscapes are the harder elements, like concrete, patios, and buildings.

Do You Recycle the Clippings?

Yes. You’ll be happy to know that clippings from our landscaping projects go on to become compost or mulch. It’s our way of being eco-friendly.

How Often Should I Water My Lawn and Garden?

Your lawn and garden should both be watered regularly. Most lawns should be watered every day, while gardens can vary depending on the type of plants. Everyday watering can be inconvenient for many people, which is why we offer sprinkler installation services and lawn care services to make regular watering easy.

How Do I Get an Estimate on Arborvitae Landscapes Landscape Services?

To get an estimate, simply set up a consultation or appointment with one of our contractors. You can either call or email to set up a date. We’ll go over your needs, calculate the cost of supplies and labor, and make an estimate based on that cost.